"It is the supreme art
of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression
and knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this day.

dear readers.
today. i successfully presented my e-portfolio. did i tell you why i used wix? well. because it was easier. and wordpress gave this blog look that i did not really like. some things that will be changing: update my resume and figure out how to lock it. figure out acrobat word documents for protection. change my artifacts and the menu for them, i don't like the spinny thing. philosophy of education needs to be put in a different font. get permission from my dear friend tif to use her balloon occasion photo. that's all i can thing of. for now.
today. i decided to go without capitalization in my punctuation.
today. was the last day of actual class. now. just finals.
tomorrow. there will be celebratory events at my house in honor of school being over. yes. people will be involved. there will be inception, games, wan tans, and happiness. oh! and pictures. yes, there will be pictures.
also, tomorrow is casual thursday at work. that means. i can wear jeans.

p.s. have you seen inception yet? you should.

Study like a scholar, scholar

you. should watch this epic thing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wimba, Wimbo

I woke up this morning with eagerness to get this presentation thing over with! And then my computer decides that it's going to rebel against Wimba. I spent half an hour trying to bring it up. Finally I sent an email to Dr. Davis explaining what was happening and asked if it would be okay to present tomorrow. She is gracious and told me that I could!
Tonight I will "test-drive" my experience. I'm going to make sure that I actually know how to present on Wimba. Because I'm not sure if I actually do.
Wish me luck! and hey- only two more days of class! WAY good!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Profolio Portfessionalism

I'm done. It is finished. My E-Portfolio is complete. And I am tired.

Today was the first day of e-portfolio presentations. Needless to say that my classmates amaze me with their knowledge and accomplishments that they can place on a computer screen. One day, I will be as intelligent as they.
After being presented to, I made some adjustments on my own portfolio. (And yes. I did switch to Wix.) I'm fairly certain that it's still not quite up to par with the other's. But I'm satisfied, for now. It will obviously get adjusted as I go through school and life anyway.

Take a look-see HERE at my portfolio. Feedback? Yes. Please.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Take Notice

I did some things!

-Photo sharing (by flickr)
Did you know iPhoto has a link to flickr? Very handy. Handy, handy indeed. I used it. Happy 2010 everyone!

-RSS feeds
I had to pick NEW RSS feeds, but I dare say I did make better choices this time! I like these ones more.

I "edited" a children's Wiki on traditions. More of I added to it. I'm not so sure how I feel about Wiki's in general since everyone can go in and edit what they want- but I did like this idea! Fun way to use it!

These things are soo great! Can I quickly mention that I love the Spanish culture of anything? I love Central and South America. I love Spain and Italy. Different languages and cultures in itself, I know. But these are probably some of my favourite! ANYWAYS. I found a podcast on learning spanish- love!

I'm still getting use to this idea. I already have a bookmark thing on my mac. I can see how the delicious.com would be a useful feature when I do have a job and more than one computer to use, and if traveling. Nifty.

PLEASE. Take a peek at my links off to the side. Sorry I provide none here. However, I figure we're all adults here on the net, and you can just scan your little eyes over and meander around my "new" blog. Enjoy, dear reader!

P.S. Common craft. They are great. Check them out. They're product is explanation!
Link is also off to the side. I'm just kind of lazy and tired at the moment is all. No worries.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Blog.

I had a blog. I did. And then, it disappeared. I got a new Gmail account. Got rid of the old account for reasons, and blogger decided to delete everything with it. So here I am. Starting a new blog.

At least I can update you on this week

Monday: We worked on our own. I finished my rationales and put RSS feeds, photo sharing, and bookmarks on my blog... that is now gone. except the rationales- they exist. Thank goodness!

Tuesday: I finished my WebQuest! Woot! I also started my E-portfolio on wordpress.

Wednesday: We learned A LOT about wordpress and photosharing. I think I may just switch over to wix. But I'll let you know. Even though, it will most likely happen.

Thursday (Today): I started a new blog. HERE it is. Also, I have been working on my E-portfolio- on wordpress. Which, as said before, I probably will switch. I will let you know when it's done!

That's all. For now.