"It is the supreme art
of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression
and knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this day.

dear readers.
today. i successfully presented my e-portfolio. did i tell you why i used wix? well. because it was easier. and wordpress gave this blog look that i did not really like. some things that will be changing: update my resume and figure out how to lock it. figure out acrobat word documents for protection. change my artifacts and the menu for them, i don't like the spinny thing. philosophy of education needs to be put in a different font. get permission from my dear friend tif to use her balloon occasion photo. that's all i can thing of. for now.
today. i decided to go without capitalization in my punctuation.
today. was the last day of actual class. now. just finals.
tomorrow. there will be celebratory events at my house in honor of school being over. yes. people will be involved. there will be inception, games, wan tans, and happiness. oh! and pictures. yes, there will be pictures.
also, tomorrow is casual thursday at work. that means. i can wear jeans.

p.s. have you seen inception yet? you should.

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